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ONLY CONNECT: a Different Kind of Electrical Company

ONLY CONNECT was founded in 2003 to focus exclusively on smaller electrical projects. Soon after, our clients started asking us to take on their larger renovation projects. We expanded our scope to include these projects, recognizing that homeowners have needs beyond the many small projects that come up all the time. We knew we could also help on these.

Drawing on his personal and professional experience and frustrations, ONLY CONNECT's founder, licensed master electrician Steve Krasner knew that homeowners have a hard time getting skilled electricians to call back or show up for small projects in their homes. Hundreds of homeowners said, "Small electrical projects…Great Idea! … And when you do it, call me first!", and we knew we had struck a nerve.

ONLY CONNECT is a service business. We are not a small version of a big construction company. ONLY CONNECT succeeds only with your trust and the confidence to call us year after year with your small projects. Unlike companies that advertise "no job too small," for ONLY CONNECT, these small jobs are our sweet spot. We have developed the methods, procedures, and attitudes to succeed with your small projects. ONLY CONNECT treats the small stuff as important - because it is important to you.

ONLY CONNECT knows why other companies don't want your small project business: Small projects are hard to do and stay in business. Consider a few of the special requirements of small projects:

  • As a business with a specialty in small electrical projects, each ONLY CONNECT crew works with 8 to 50 customers every month. We are constantly responding to customer calls and requests. ONLY CONNECT is not a "give us a blueprint and let us do our work" operation; we enjoy working with you - from the first call for help to offering advice, and finally leaving you with a house that better meets your needs. We've designed our business and recruit our staff to excel at what we do.

  • Overhead on small projects is a much larger percentage of billable hours. Effective scheduling procedures and great communications with field personnel and customers are critical. Getting work right the first time requires skilled people who want to work with customers. Minimizing overhead costs requires good relationships with suppliers, efficient job tracking, and computerized office and bookkeeping procedures. Most small contractors are not interested in the day-to-day of running a complex business. ONLY CONNECT sees this as an opportunity.

  • A one-day job must be done in one trip to be cost effective. Our crew and truck must arrive with the right materials. ONLY CONNECT performs ongoing analysis of past jobs to maintain the proper inventory on our trucks and in our stockroom. It's more than others want to do.

ONLY CONNECT succeeds when we win your trust and confidence. We succeed when we're the first ones you think to call. We succeed when you tell your family, friends, and neighbors about a service vendor that arrives on time, gives superior service, and keeps the costs reasonable. ONLY CONNECT has developed the methods, procedures, and attitudes to be successful at what we do.

ONLY CONNECT sweats the small stuff to serve you better.

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