Maintaining and improving your home is important. At ONLY CONNECT, we believe that project pricing must be clear, fair, and reliable.

ONLY CONNECT estimates the resources needed to complete your project and the costs as accurately as possible. Preparing a project list for us helps us to understand exactly what you want and offer suggestions for improvements and economy. As much as possible, we will be explicit about our assumptions, what is included in your estimate, and what unknowns may affect the total cost.

Whenever possible, especially on very small projects, we will attempt to give you a price over the telephone. Being cost-effective for you requires us to avoid extra trips whenever possible.

ONLY CONNECT specializes in small and mid-sized projects, which have higher overhead costs. To maintain our availability, reliability, and ability to serve you, we price our services accordingly. And remember, it is always less expensive to make changes with pencil and eraser than after the installation is done.

Get what you pay for. Pay for what you get.   insured   massachusetts master electrical license   12201a


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