At ONLY CONNECT, we focus on the service calls and small and mid-sized electrical projects like lighting, power, communications, computer network, and entertainment improvements that homeowners need. We regularly install vehicle charging stations and replace Knob-and-Tube wiring. We have expanded our services to include larger projects when our clients have asked. We strive to make your home more convenient, more comfortable, and safer. ONLY CONNECT has developed the methods, procedures, and attitudes to serve you well and efficiently. For your benefit and protection, our staff is properly licensed and insured.

Is your home brand new but needing something that was forgotten, a bit older and showing some wear, or a grand old Victorian that needs 21st (or 20th!) century conveniences like networking, wireless, or audio-visual and home theater? ONLY CONNECT is ready to help.

We specialize in the full range of smaller projects that others avoid, from the cutting edge to the critical daily necessities. With ONLY CONNECT, it's easy to get things done.

A few examples of what we can do for you:

Fix and Restore

  • Restore the heating power circuit that blew out - and do it now!
  • Replace the outdoor motion detector light that stays on all the time - or never comes on.
  • Replace the noisy bathroom fan that's been getting worse every day.
  • Diagnose and repair your kitchen light that stopped working - along with half of the house.
  • Fix the dead light switch or outlet that's been annoying you for months.
  • Get your smoke detectors working again.
  • Move the light switch that someone installed behind the door where you can't reach it.
  • Need anything else, just ask us!

Add Something New or Cutting-Edge

  • Upgrade your service.
  • Add a charging station for your new electric vehicle.
  • Replace the Knob-and-Tube wiring that stands in the way of insulating your home or selling it.
  • Hang the new bedroom or bathroom lights you just bought.
  • Add a switch or a dimmer at the other end of the dining room.
  • Add convenience with wireless or Internet-based lighting and appliance controls.
  • Add a telephone or cable TV outlet above your kitchen counter.
  • Install ceiling fans.
  • Install a few new outlets to eliminate dangerous extension cords.
  • Finish the installation of your new home theater system.
  • Make your basement more usable with new lighting and outlets.

Ask us about anything.

ONLY CONNECT we'll find an effective, satisfying approach to help make your home what you want it to be.   insured   massachusetts master electrical license   12201a
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